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How Coronavirus Clean Up and Maintenance Boost Your Traffic


Reopening your place of business is exciting, full of hope and perhaps a little trepidation. How do you keep your establishment safe for your customers and employees?


No matter how well you clean and disinfect, as soon as someone infected with coronavirus or other contagious agent enters your establishment it is no longer decontaminated. For many places that means cleaning and disinfecting daily.


Letting your customers know that you are putting their safety first by implementing cleaning and disinfection standards helps to instill the confidence needed to bring your customers back. One of the ways you can do this is to consider using a professional company to provide a regular maintenance service. When you consider a maintenance service it is important to make sure you are using a reputable company for cleaning and regular disinfection. One that is licensed, bonded and has the experience to handle the job.


Having a professional company provide regular maintenance disinfection services will help to protect your customers and employees. It also helps to protect your business from liability if the worst happens.


Bio-One is an established business with 20 years of experience dealing with pathogens. We use only EPA approved chemicals, are licensed and bonded, and have the background to disinfect your place of business while also providing you the peace of mind of knowing that your patrons and employees are safe.


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