Bio-One of Oklahoma decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

Hoarding Help

After years of remediating hoarding sites we have run across many different stories.  Some suffered mental illness, others had physical maladies, some had suffered a profound loss.  All seemed to suffer from some depression as a result of their problems that led to the hoarding situations.



No matter what brought you to this place we are here to help.  Whether it is surgery, chronic illness, traumatic experience, or the loss of a loved one we are here to help.  Let us assist you in taking the first step toward normalizing your life and freeing your spirit.  Inside the clutter you may find many useful items that can be donated to people in need or given to friends and loved ones. The result will be a clean slate for you to begin living your life again.

Letting go of things creates an open space in which to breathe.


We all need a little support once in a while. Let Bio-One OKC help. Most of our jobs are complete in 3 – 5 days.



Visit our website at or call or text us at (405)816-5744.